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Run for the money rules
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4th May 2014

Rowdy's run for the money !!!!!![

General_ A_Pilgram

Starting this coming Saturday,March 1st, we start "Rowdy's run for the money". This is a contest for GBA members only for real $$$$$.

There are 2 parts to the contest:

Part one " the Violence Grind" is based on effort. You get a credit for every training video you watch that is posted on the clan website. 1 video =1credit. You must watch the video and the make a short comment in the comment section for that posting. (the comment must be on that video it must be brief and demonstrate that you viewed the content in the video. i.e. one thing that helped you in the video.) A weekly tally will be kept for everyone who participates.

Also under part one you will receive one credit for;

Showing up for clan wars = 1 point a night
Showing up for and participating in a training session = 1point a night
Be  on teamspeak when your in game =1 point per night.
This will be checked two times a night.

This information will be tallied on a spread sheet. ( up to 100 participates )

Part 2 " The Joezoar Challenge"

Starting May 4th thru July 4th there will be 8 tourneys on Saturday nights starting at 7pm CST. Sign up will close at 7:15pmCST. Battle then starts. All damage scores will be recorded.
Teams will be selected randomly. We will send out team invites.
There will be no capping.
Maps will be random clan war maps.
Results will updated daily.
-Players can bring any tank up to a tier 8.
-Players must be in clan and display GBA tags.
-At the end of each game the players scores are recorded in       
  a spread sheet. Players are awarded one point for showing up and participating.
-At the end of the month scores are added up and the top
   5 players are chosen according to the points totals for each player.

1st pl $150.00

2nd $100.00

3rd $75.00

4th $50.00

5th $25.00

Attention: The Joezoar Challenge must be done with your own tanks not GBA pool accounts !

If you have to use GBA tanks for clan wars you will still get your point for participation.

If you have any questions you can ask one of the council members. Col_Rowdy

Results will be posted regularly in the "July Contest" channel just below the 6th platoon channel.

From time to time something may need to be adjusted in the rules. The council reserves the tight to do that. If there is an issue between two or more contestants the council will hear the matter from all party's and  make a determination. The decision of the council is final.

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